With the announcement of the new education policy, the arrival of corona epidemic took place in parallel. Due to this many problems and some forms of compromise affected the current education system.

The Corona epidemic opened up an alternative to education called “online education.” But we all forget the need of offline education because of the fear of corona, and accepted online education. Online learning is a temporary solution to the real problem. Students cannot be educated through it, as a permanent solution and cannot be deprived of education. So parents, educators should not be afraid and disrupt the traditional method of teaching.

Some parents firmly believe that not get education at the sacrifice of the child’s life,and that’s why today about 37 % students in rural areas have stopped studying !! What a great loss to the lives of the students!

Although we usually see the surrounding environment of the society being normal , But still when it comes to sending a child to school, a large section of parents are scared and refuse to send their children to school under any circumstances.

Students do not have such understanding of education that they can get online education with the same concentration as they do in the direct presence of the teacher in a disciplined environment in the classroom. It is almost impossible to turn a home environment into classroom environment. So understanding the reality, removing the fear and getting the student to school is the best way.

We are understanding the value of education as common!! Some parents discovered education solutions by admitting students to nearby government schools due to fear of corona. 70% of rural parents adopted this route and get Satisfied as giving a new path to the future of students due to fear of the outbreak of corona. It is understandable how is the education of the children who is educated from online education, the students who got admission in the next class from mass promotion, the children educated in government schools etc. will affect the education in the future. However, we always expect students to get 99% result in each of their exams !! Sometimes parent’s expectations also have the opposite effect on student’s learning which will be discussed in the next blog.

Dr. Pradip K. Gaglani

Founder and Trustee

(Infocity Junior Science College, Gh-0)

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