Heard a monk sarcastically based on the current teaching method that Students who are very cleaver in study, take science stream.

Those few who are moderate in study, take up commerce.

Students who are common in study, take the arts.
Students who are not interested in study, drop out during school times.

Now the students who are cleaver in study, they do M.Tech(Engineering) after Science.

Students who have taken Commerce,they do B.Com. MBA And students who completed M.Tech. work under them.

Students who have taken Arts, they become IAS. And students who completed MBA, work under them.
Students who have dropped out in between school studies,they go to politics,and IAS will work under them.

And those who have not even seen the school steps become monk and such
Politicians work under the monk’s ideology !!

If we think from a broader point of view, these things may seem true! But when we try to understand the next new teaching method, we will see a beautiful nature that can prevent such sarcasm.

New changes were made to the country’s education policy after 34 years. In the new education policy school bags, pre-primary classes to board exams, report cards, UG. the methods of admission, all this has changed. While the 10 + 2 system has been turned into a new pattern of 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 in which the local language has also become important, if we try to understand the status of the last four years of the new system, the standard-9 to 12 will be turned into a semester system. Board exams will be easier and some states may even remove Std-10 board exams.When students take admission in higher studies after std.12, they will be free from the constraints of Arts, Commerce and Science departments and subjects and will be able to study with their favorite subjects for four years. Thus, due to Muti Entry and Multi Exit system students will be able to become experts in more than one degree and subjects. For college admission after standard-12,addition of CAT (Common Aptitude Test) Mark’s and board marks will be count in merit. Foreign languages should also be given importance at the secondary education level.

IN the-0 unit of Infocity Junior Science College has undergone changes in the study method according to the new teaching method.

• A successful and integrated unit of 9th to 12th standard of English medium will be conclud in which the education of the secondary section will be conducted by higher secondary teachers with higher education and experience.
• Favorite subject can be studied in 9th to 12th.
• Children will not only be given bookish knowledge but will also be encouraged to engage in activities related to arts, quizzes, sports and professional crafts.
• offline education Will provide education based on online curriculum.
• Will be informed regarding vocational course and related internship.
• Guidance foreign language will be provided.
• Education in small group so that individual attention can be taken.
• Guidance on education as well as competitive examination through digital modules.
This way, attempt has been made to provide quality ubiquitous education to the students by giving education which is followed by the new education system.

Dr. Pradip K. Gaglani

Founder and Trustee

(Infocity Junior Science College, Gh-0)

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