• After the last two years of Corona’s influence, the atmosphere in the world seems to be
slowly returning to normal. But people are cautiously getting out of this. It is very hard task to
forgot this fear for all , since they are common people to they are students!

• It’s hard to imagine how badly this basic education will affect children between the ages of
three to ten who haven’t attended school in the last two years. Today the students of Std.6th
to 12th have reached the school with a fear,but they are trying to get education with many
new problems.

• Students who come to school with the help of transport are afraid of Corona !

• Students who live in hostels are also afraid of corona !

• Students who come to school are also afraid of corona !

• Their courage really has to be applauded when they are getting education with such a
frightening atmosphere! It may be difficult for them to observe the above situation, when the
board gives the time-table of their examination and if they ignore the above, they will not be
able to take quality examinations!

• Till today, students have tried to acquire knowledge by studying online curriculum but it has
not been possible to study with full concentration.A big difficulty has been created in the
study,In which the study due to the boredom and technical limitations created over time or
due to the obstacles that arise during the study due to the Internet.

• Students who are still trying to set up with offline education in the school ,while they are
solving the problems caused during online study, with that they have been put in a different
position due to the load of paper by the board with the huge syllabus of the first exam.

• From the past two years, students have forgot the practice of writing papers and after a long
time, when they write papers for two or three hours, it is natural that they will have problems.
Also, the incomeplete syllabus will have to be arranged in the mind so that it will not be
possible for them to have a continuous flow of ideas while writing the paper. The successful
history of the students who excelled in education will also put them under pressure. Trying
to satisfy their own ego will also put them in trouble. At the same time, the high expectations
of the parents create the Mahabharata at the end of the observation of every result of the

• When the financially distressed parent community does not see the expected result of their
children, they will create hardline sentences and give gifts to the students!

• In the midst of all these problems, every student has to face the upcoming problems with a
very calmly and successfully!

• Wishing you all the best in your future with Wisely observe every situation and successfully
pass all the upcoming exams with proper response!

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