Centuries ago, if we compare the tradition of education, it is like looking at the educational era of today’s parents or grandparents.

At that time, the main purpose of education was limited to literacy while there were no worries about employment or one’s career as it was all inherited. In addition to this, since individuals do not have the choice or mentality to do any particular type of work, they would engage in every type of work and choose that work for their employment.

All of this was so neatly arranged that, relative to the present situation, the situation of the time seemed to succeed with peace, saturation, cooperation and collaboration.

The current education system seems to be full of expectations. Expectations start when students are placed in a particular school. Expectations towards the school, expectations towards the principal, expectations towards the class teacher, expectations towards the teachers, administrative expectations, expectations towards the students, expectations towards the parents and expectations towards the government !! With employment oriented expectations !!

In the midst of all these expectations, the purpose of education is forgotten and the struggle of expectations begins!

The student is at the center of education. And with the expectation of giving him a higher education, when a parent gives him admission in a school, the main goal of the parent’s life becomes the education of his own children.

Their idea is that the happy life of their children will be achieved only through education, so that they ignore the interest of their children in education and start comparing them with their other classmates. And every time why his/her Marks comes less than the other! Anxious lives are lived only with their complaint. They become depressed and also make the child hate against education! We will discuss many such expectations and their solutions in the next blog …

Dr. Pradip K. Gaglani

Founder and Trustee

(Infocity Junior Science College, Gh-0)

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