1. Admission fees and term fees to be paid at the time of admission.
  2. As per rules the fees will not be refundable if admission is cancelled or asked for the cancellation.
  3. Fill in all the information in the form will be rejected if it is incomplete.
  4. Admission will be cancelled if the student remains absent for continuous six days or more without permission.
  5. No students will be allowed to take leave verbally on the telephone.
  6. During the school hours, the student will not be allowed to leave the school without teacher’s and parent’s consent.
  7. It is not permissible for the student to remain absent without the prior leave.
  8. Mobile phone are strictly prohibited in the class.
  9. Discipline is must in the class as well as in the school premises, any kind of indiscipline will not be tolerated.
  10. Fees must we paid within the time limit.
  11. All the tests and examinations are compulsory for every student.
  12. Strictly actions will be taken against the student if he/she is found cheating in examination.
  13. Parents are expected to visit the school personally once a month.
  14. Parents are expected to be co-operate in maintaining the discipline ad development of the institute.
  15. Parents can visit the school only during the school hours.
  16. School uniform is compulsory for all the students.