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  Welcome to Infocity Junior Science College - Gandhinagar

Present education is found to be flowing in gushing waves of expectation.

I firmly believe that life and learning goes hand to hand. Education brings social and economical revolution. It is and essential instrument to bring development, discipline and dedication. My heart earnestly speaks that Infocity Junior Science College is born only to fulfill that the life purpose and that is useful education which can help the parents get rid of their tensions and unnecessary harassment.

Dr. Pradip Gaglani
M.Sc (Biology), M,Ed., LL.B., Ph.D
Trustee & Principal, Infocity Junior Science College, Gandhinagar



True education, in my opinion is that which encourages, nurtures and refines the talent and capabilities of the student, It makes the student more open in social development. In our institution, we emphasize on moral values, discipline, culture and character building.

Mr. V.V. Vaishav
M.Sc. (Maths) B.Ed.
Chairman, Infocity Junior Science College, Gandhinagar



Education and educational activities have now gone limitless. Now a days student never thinks of nearest area for their study, Now their ambitious eyes look at the international horizons to make their dreams true. Ours is the hearty effort to provide the best education to our students. I strongly emphasize that the education should be thought in the view of economical fulfillment. After completing the study, a student must be sure to get the job of his choice and challenge.

Mr. M. K. Dalsaniya
M.Sc. (Maths) B.Ed.
Managing Trustee
Chairman, Infocity Junior Science College, Gandhinagar


Our Every Effort Is To See Your Child Succeed.


Infocity Complex, Near Gh-0

Annexe Building, Gandhinagar

Gujarat (INDIA)

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