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  Welcome to Infocity Junior Science College - Gandhinagar

Faculty at Infocity Junior Science Collage

  • Our teachers know how to produce Top Rankers consistently.

  • We have teams of minimum 6 Expert teachers per subject.

  • Faculties give personal attention towards each student.

  • Our hard working faculties are always ready to solve their doubts at any time.

  • Support and motivation of the teachers help students to identify their capabilities and help them to grow to maximum potential.

Our Expert Faculties


岠Dynamic Biology Team capable of generating the future Doctors with a Strong Physical Perspective?/font>



Mrs. Jyoti  Bhavsar

(M.Sc., B .Ed)

(Exp. - 12 years)

Mr. Tushar  Kumar

(M.Sc., M.Phil.)

(Exp. - 18 years)

Mrs. Nidhi Mehta


(Exp. ?5 years)



?Our Devoted Team of Physics Department




Mrs. Amee Betai

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

(Exp- 10 years)

Mr. Bhaskar Jha.
(M.Sc, B.Ed)
(Exp- 9 years)

Mrs. Jaya Sharma

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

 (Exp- 9 years)

Miss. Parul Sharma
(Exp ?5 Years)

Mr. Aamir Shaikh
(M.Sc, B.Ed
Gold medalist)
(Exp- 8 years


Mr. Yatin Chaya

M.Sc, B.Ed

Exp-28 years



岠Dedicated Team of Mathematics for Expanding the Tool-kit of Problem Solving?/font>


Mrs. Nidhi  Bhagwanani

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

(Exp- 13 years)

Mr. Bhavik Shah

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

(Exp- 11 years

Mrs. Sejal Patel

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

(Exp- 10 years



?Our Chemistry Department for raising interest of  students at the interface of Chemistry ?/font>



Mr. Deepak singh

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

(Exp- 12 years)

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Mr. Kamal Peshwani

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

(Exp- 6 years)

JEE Team

Mr. B.R. Rajput

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

(Exp- 25 years)

Miss. Himja Maradiya
(M.Sc, B.Ed) (Exp- 5 years)  

Mrs. Preeti Koshti

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

(Exp- 5 years)



Our leader of English helps  the students more communicative & creative?/font>

Mrs. Swati Dave
(M.A. , B.Ed)
(Exp- 15 years


?/span>Our Technical Mastermind helping the students to the new Technology of Computer?/font>


Mrs. Sabiha Shamma


(Exp. - 14 Years)

Mrs. Mamta Dave

B.Sc.(Computer Sc.)MCA

(Exp. - 5 years)


Our Every Effort Is To See Your Child Succeed.


Infocity Complex, Near Gh-0

Annexe Building, Gandhinagar

Gujarat (INDIA)

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