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  Welcome to Infocity Junior Science College - Gandhinagar

Faculty at Infocity Junior Science Collage

  • Our teachers know how to produce Top Rankers consistently.

  • We have team of expert teachers.

  • Faculties give personal attention towards each student.

  • Our hard working faculties are always ready to solve their doubts at any time.

  • Support and motivation of the teachers help students to identify their capabilities and help them to grow to maximum potential.

Our Expert Faculties


“Our Dynamic Biology Team capable of generating the future Doctors”





Mrs. Jyoti  Bhavsar

(M.Sc., B .Ed)

(Exp. - 13 years)

Mr. Tushar  Kumar

(M.Sc., M.Phil.)

(Exp. - 19 years)

Mrs. Nidhi Mehta


(Exp. – 6 years)

Biology is not the subject of cramming it's subject of understanding.

Biology is not only a subject for scoring marks... But it's the real knowledge to know the reality of life and celebrate the moments of your life...

Biology is the most powerful technology ever created. DNA is  software, protein are hardware, cells are factories.


“Our Devoted Team of Physics Department"



Mr. Aamir Shaikh
(M.Sc, B.Ed, Gold medalist)
(Exp- 9 years)

Mrs. Amee Betai

(M.Sc, Physics, B.Ed)

(Exp- 13 years)

Mr. Avinash Jayswal
(B.Sc, M.Sc, B.ed. M.ed.)
(Exp- 6 years)


Nature is our teacher, and science does not move a step without her.

Physics is about questioning, studying and probing nature.

Where concepts create interest



“Our Dedicated Team of Mathematics for Expanding the Tool-kit of Problem Solving”


JEE Team

Mrs. Nidhi  Bhagwanani

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

(Exp- 14 years)


Mr. Bhavik Shah

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

(Exp- 12 years



Math simplifies your life and multiplies your opportunities.


Maths is like a fun & game...! the more you play. the more you enjoy...! also get knowledge...!


Mrs. Anjali Chourasiya

(M.Sc, B.Ed, Maths)

(Exp- 10  years)


Mr. Ravi Narsinghani

(M.Sc, Maths., B.Ed)

(Exp- 5 years



"Mathematics" is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about UNDERSTANDING.


Practice makes Math PERFECT



“Our Chemistry Department for raising interest of  students at the interface of Chemistry”





Mr. B.R. Rajput

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

(Exp- 26 years)

Mr. Kamal Peshwani

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

(Exp- 7 years)

Mr. Sathwara Jaimin R.

(M.Sc, B.Ed)

(Exp- 11 years  

  Think like a proton and stay positive.

Chemistry is the science with microscopic explanations for macroscopic observations.

Experts solution, delivered simply.    


"Our leader of English helps  the students more communicative & creative”

Mrs. Swati Dave
(M.A. , B.Ed)
(Exp- 16 years
Ms. Gopi Gida
(B.A., B.Ed, M.A., M.Phil)
(Exp- 6 years


Learn English and open the window to the world.

Life is short so turn your dreams into plans with the help of English.



"Our Technical Mastermind helping the students to the new Technology of Computer


Mrs. Sabiha Shamma


(Exp. - 15 Years)

Mrs. Mamta Dave

B.Sc. (Computer Sc.), MCA

(Exp. - 5 years)



Computer Technology is now integral part of our life.

Access to computers & the internet has become a basic need for education in our society.


Our Every Effort Is To See Your Child Succeed.


Infocity Complex, Near Gh-0

Annexe Building, Gandhinagar

Gujarat (INDIA)

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